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What Do We Offer?

Financial support

Actio financing mechanisms encompass milestone-based grant and 0% loan up to EUR 50k

Technical Support

Organizational development services tailored to needs of social enterprises such as: strategic management, finances, marketing, sales, and etc.

Impact Measurement and Management

In-depth consultations and support in social impact planning, measurement and management

Selection Strategy of Social Enterprises

The impact fund Actio supports active social enterprises which have already developed sustainable business models, achieved tangible social outcomes and have readiness to scale up. The selection of social enterprises is based on the open-door principle. Learn about selection criteria and share your ideas.

Our Priorities

Work Integration and Education

Environment Protection and Waste Reduction

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Selection Criteria

Legal Form

  • Non-profit non-entrepreneurial legal entity;
  • Entrepreneurial legal entity (LTD; Cooperative) which has clearly stated the superiority of the social mission in its statute.

Economic criteria

  • The selected SE must be economically active at least for the last 2 years; 
  • 80% income of the SE must come from sales for the last 1 year. (Grants for capital costs wouldn’t be counted);
  • Annual turnover must be minimum 30,000 GEL at least for the last one year;
  • At least 70% of the profit must be reinvested into the SE or spent for social activities.

Social Criteria

  • The SE must have achieved tangible social outcomes/impact relevant to its social mission. It should be able to prove the impact with factual information and documents.


  • The SE must permanently employ at least 3 persons having a monthly salary.

Selection Process

Expression of Interest
A social enterprise is able to submit the application form of its idea at any time. The support of the fund is based on the open-door principle.  
Eligibility Check
Before presenting to the investment committee, the received ideas go through the eligibility check.  
Initial Evaluation
The applications are evaluated by the independent investment committee. In case of positive evaluation, social enterprises moves to the co-creation stage.  
The social enterprise and Actio teams jointly work on elaboration of the full business plan which includes financial, impact and organizational development plans.  
Final Decision
After elaboration of the full business plan, the documents are reviewed by the investment committee and final decision is made.
An agreement will be signed with selected social enterprise for a period from 3 to 5 years.  

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