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Why to invest for impact?


Making Sustainable Impact

Making Sustainable Impact

Investing for impact is an opportunity to make sustainable and long-term impact and create tangible benefits for people and the planet.


Strategic Approach to the Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic Approach to the Corporate Social Responsibility

By investing in the impact fund, you contribute to empowerment of at least 10 social enterprises and achievement of the SDGs. Compares to one-time activities, impact investment provides the opportunity to create a much larger social and environmental impact.


Membership of the Impact Investment Global Community

Membership of the Impact Investment Global Community

Impact investing represents a rapidly growing field around the world. According to the Global Impact Investing Network, the global impact investing market is worth $1.164 trillion. Investing in Actio and supporting its activities gives you the opportunity to become a part of the impact ecosystem and contribute to positive social and economic changes.

What do we offer?


Become a leader in the sphere of impact investment through the Impact Fund representing the internationally acknowledged mechanism for investing in impact


Save your time and administrative resources while creating long-term positive social and environmental impact


Benefits for impact investors

Creation of Positive Impact

  • Creation of long-term and sustainable positive social impact in the following spheres: work integration and education of vulnerable groups, environment protection, preservation of cultural heritage
  • Contribution to scale up of 10 social enterprises in term of business as well as social impact
  • Saving time and resource that are needed for direct support of social enterprises

Recognition of Investor's Contribution

  • Placement of a logo on printited, online and video communication material
  • Media coverage
  • Membership of the investment committee and advisory council
  • Aknowledgement at the fund’s events
  • Preparation and placement of artcivles/interviews
  • Dissemination of information via Actio, CSRDG and EVPA social media channels and other sources

Experience Sharing

  • Up to date information about impact investment ecosystem and approaches
  • Experience sharing of impact investors working on international level
  • Membership of the international community of impact investors
  • Honorary membership of the first impact investors’ club in Georgia and active participation in the sphere development

How to become an impact investor?

  • Actio offers various types of investment opportunities. For detailed information please click here.

  • Contact us via email:

  • It is possible to support development of the impact fund and its portfolio via various approaches depending on your interest and resources. For instance: sharing information to potential investors, hosting impact investors' club events, provision of pro bono services, and etc.


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